The Figs

Figs can trace their history back to the earliest of times with mentions in the Bible and other ancient writings. They are thought to have been first cultivated in Egypt. They spread to ancient Crete and then subsequently, around the 9th century BC, to ancient Greece where they became a staple foodstuff in the traditional diet. Figs were held in such esteem by the ancient Greeks that they even created laws forbidding the export of the best quality figs.

In the years to come, Greeks and Romans helped spread the cultivation of figs to countries which were under their influence, making the figs popular in the Mediterranean diet. 

fig tree

Our Figs

Our figs are produced in Markopoulo Mesogaias which is located in the greater area of Athens, the capital of Greece.

We grow Ficus carica L. trees which are an important member of the genus Ficus and more precisely the varieties of Black Figs Markopoulou and Green Figs Markopoulou, commonly known as Royal Figs.

These varieties are also certificated by European Commission's Agriculture and Rural Develpment as agricultural products of Protected Geographical Indication - PGI.


Both varieties are lusciously sweet with a texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds, more particularly:


Black Figs


- outer skin dark black

- skin thin to moderate

- white flesh color

- within red with light-brown shades


Green Figs


- outer skin light green with stripes

- bright pink to brilliant red insides

- extra-sweet flavor

- smaller than black

Tip: The skin of the fig is edible. You can taste it with, or without it!


Organic Figs

The term ‘‘organic’’ refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed.

Put simply, organic farming is an agricultural system that seeks to provide you, the consumer, with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting natural life-cycle systems.

Our organic figs are cultivated according to EU requirements, a strict control system with checks carried out at every stage of the organic chain at least once a year.

We are also have organic certification for our figs in every market we cooperate.



Healthy eating and more nutrients

- Avoid chemical residues

Authentic taste

- Safer for babies

- Care for environment and nature


Nutrition Facts

Figs are not only Delicious but also Nutritious! It has been proved by several studies that there are numerous health benefits and even more if you consume it raw. 




  • help build stronger bones.
  • contain magnesium and calcium.
  • are high in soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • have anti-diabetic effects.
  • are very high in minerals which
  • helps create red blood cells and provent anemia.
  • are a sweet way to lose weight.
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Tip: Black and green figs have the same nutritional content, uses and health benefits!