We are handling two type of cultivars, black and green fresh figs. For both of these cultivars we have conventional and organic option. We use two type of cartons, a smaller and a bigger.


Small Carton 31x20x6.5cm



The small one has dimensions 31x20x6.5 cm (LxWxH), its average weight is 910gr (780gr net) and it is designed to fit in every refrigerator with slots in the center of the box in order the figs to be visible.


Big Carton 42x27x6.5cm



The big one has dimension 42x27x6.5 cm (LxWxH) its average weight is 1550 gr (1300gr net) and it consists from a separate bottom and top part in order to facilitate unit sales.



The figs are packed to these cartons on a plastic tray according to their size. The height of the figs during the season fluctuates from 50 to 85 mm, thus we use six different trays for every box with capacities from 8 to 18 figs in the small and 16 to 28 figs in the big box.





The fig is seasonal fruit and it is only available at a specific period of the year. Our black figs are available form early August to mid November while the green from late July to early September.


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Every day we receive hundreds of kilos of fresh-catted figs from our producers. Each fig has to pass the quality control which ensures that not only healthy but also well shaped figs will continue their way to the cartons according to its size. At this stage every carton is coded depending of the variety and their destination. The next step of the procedure is the storage of these cartons, full of the delicious fresh figs, in a suitable refrigerator to slow the ripening of the fruit and preserving it still fresh many days later. All the above steps occur in the same day. 

The transfer to Airport is held depending on the delivery schedule and it could be done the same or the next day.

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As we explain earlier the weight of the fig is not constant during the season. It gradually increases until mid September and then decreases. It is also depends from the weather when usually a rain before the harvest increases the weight. Thus for the above reasons pricing is per carton. For more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us.