It all started back in the year 1985 when Andreas Litras listened to his brother.


"Hey Andrea! Here in Toronto the fresh figs are popular! Try to send some!"

So Andreas, who had spent his childhood in an agricultural village, liked the idea. And the idea was good, because when he did his homework he found out that in the surrounding area of Athens, the capital of Greece, there is an area where figs flourish, the area of Markopoulo. 

So, with main aspect the passion of supplying high quality figs, like there are served for his family, the attention on these figs constantly increased. Almost 10 years later the EC's Agriculture and Rural Development, and after the recommendation of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, nominated the figs of Markopoulo as a product of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


In the years to come, Andreas and the members of the family, continued to invest in the company and now we are a certified company according to ISO 22000, we export fresh figs, conventional and organic, worldwide while our aim remains the same.


To provide these Delicious and Nutritious figs like they were served to our family table!


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